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The Fast Track to Great Presentation Skills

Your presentation skills will generally improve gradually over time - but coaching will dramatically speed up the process. With Roger Reece as your coach, you will begin seeing improvements in your speaking skills immediately.

Why Coaching Makes the Difference

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Like any other ability, your presentation skills will improve with practice - but only as long as you are practicing the right skills and behaviors. As your coach, Roger can pinpoint what you haven't been seeing and make you aware of your blind spots. He will help you to learn the new presentation techniques you need, and unlearn the ones you need to lose. Roger will motivate you to set - and achieve - new presentation performance goals. With coaching, you will achieve results you might never achieve on your own.

Get the Feedback You Haven't Been Getting

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Feedback is critical in the process of improving your presentation skills. When someone tells you your presentation was great, of course it feels good; and when they criticize you, it can feel really bad. But rarely do you get the kind of details you need in order to know what you ought to do next. What you really need is coaching feedback. Roger Reece will tell you what you are doing right and will give you specific feedback on how to consistently improve on it. He will also tell you what isn't working and how to make it right. With his coaching you will quickly convert feedback into results.

An Investment in Your Future

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Your presentation skills can make a great impression, or a terrible one. They can increase your sphere of influence or reduce it. Your investment in presentation skills coaching is a valuable investment in your career and your future. Contact us now to get started.

One-On-One Presentation Skills Coaching

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The fastest and most effective way to improve your presentation skills is to work with a professional speaking skills coach. Professional speaker, trainer and coach Roger Reece will work with you one-on-one to evaluate your presentation skills and coach you to success. Roger will make you aware of what you are doing right and what you to work on in order to become a really great presenter and public speaker.

Every Executive Needs to Be an Effective Presenter

As a business executive, you are an expert in your field and a powerful influencer. Your communication, influence and negotiation skills are crucial to your success - and you may be very adept at these skills face-to-face, on the phone and in small informal groups. But you also need to be proficient in your ability to deliver formal presentations to large groups. Roger Reece will work with you to remove the behaviors that detract from your effectiveness and to develop new behaviors to strengthen your presence and impact.

Roger will teach you how to develop your sense of humor, tap into your passion, become more expressive, connect with and challenge your audience, and bring your presentations to life. He will help you get over any anxiety you have and teach you how to build your self-confidence in front of groups. And in the course of improving your formal-presentation abilities, you will also become a more effective communicator in informal settings. In essence, Roger will help you to expand your sphere of influence as a business executive.

Getting inside your head

Getting Inside Your Head

Your thinking and your behavior have been programmed throughout the course of your life, and many of your programs are not helpful today. You have the capacity to be an amazingly effective presenter, but your own neural pathways may be holding you back.

For example, some people get nervous or stilted when they get in front of a group, because of the fears and self-expectations lodged in their consciousness. Some people get so worked up with anxiety that they can't even sleep the night before a big presentation - all because of old programs running feedback loops in their brain. The good news is that you can reprogram your thinking, your behavior and your neurology for success and confidence - but in order to do it, we need to get inside your head.

Using a variety of techniques including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Roger Reece will work with you to neutralize the unresourceful programs that are diminishing the effectiveness of your presentations. Roger will also help you to install new programs that will have the effect of rewiring your brain for success. Until you get to the source of your self-defeating thinking and behavior patterns, the old programs will continue to sabotage your effectiveness.

Reprogramming Your Thinking, Behavior and Confidence

Roger will work with you to master a set of tools that will help you recode your personal history; anchor resourceful states so that you can access them when you deliver a presentation; and reframe the negative thinking that can undermine your self-confidence. And if you don't have a fear of public speaking, but could use an extra dose of passion, energy and humor when you speak in front of a group, Roger can provide you with tools designed to elicit the perfect state for delivering a dynamic presentation.

Because your sessions with Roger are one-on-one, you remain the center of attention, and the focus is on your personal goals, issues, difficulties and opportunities. Certainly your presentation skills are dependent on knowing what to do when you get in front of a group. But many presenters have the knowledge down, yet still find their presentations somehow lacking. As your coach, Roger will help you achieve a breakthrough in your effectiveness as a presenter. You don't need volumes of new information about presentation skills - you need to completely reprogram your thinking, behavior and confidence.

From Good to Great

If you are already a pretty good public speaker, you may not feel the need for presentation skills coaching. But our experience tells us that if you can take your speaking to the next level, and move from good to great, you will experience tremendous benefits,.far beyond your impact on presentation audiences. You will find that your communication, expressiveness and influence sharpen every interpersonal interaction you have.

Executive coaching

You Need an Executive Coach

Executive coaching is about working with an experienced professional to set and achieve goals that will take you to new levels of success in the areas that are important to you. Could you benefit from executive coaching? Absolutely! But where should you start? Improving your presentation skills is a great place to start. In the process of honing your skills at presenting to groups you will develop a solid coaching relationship with Roger Reece. If you are pleased with the results, why stop there?

Roger is a specialist in many areas of professional and personal development, and he can work with you on your management and leadership skills, your negotiation and conflict management skills, your time/stress management and work-life balance, and your career development. If you know you can make greater strides in achieving success in areas important to you, shouldn't you take action now? Contact us to schedule a free consultation with Roger Reece to explore the possibilities.

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