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Sharpen Your Presentation Skills: Learn to Speak Like a Pro

Some people are amazing when they get in front of a group. They connect with their audience, drive their points home with passion... and they get results. Others are just plain mediocre when they give a presentation. They stand stock-still, read PowerPoint slides and invoke yawns. If you consider yourself to be a professional, you should also consider how you are perceived by your audience when you deliver a presentation. It's time to sharpen your presentation skills and learn to speak like a pro.

Get Over the Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of public speaking

Do you get nervous when you get in front of a large audience... a small audience... any audience? In meetings, do you continually find yourself crafting what you want to say in your head - only to see the moment slip by and you end up saying nothing?

Whatever the cause of your fear and hesitancy to speak, you need to get over it. Your career, personal power and self-confidence are at stake.

Learn from a Professional Speaker Who Used to Be Terrified to Speak

Presentation Coach

Professional speaker, trainer and executive coach Roger Reece understands the fear of public speaking from first-hand experience. For years into his executive career, getting in front of a group was such an intense phobia that he lived in dread of those moments when, as a manager, he would have to do a presentation. Roger will teach you more than how to eliminate your fear, like he once did: he will show you how to actually love the experience of speaking in front of a group.

Anyone Can Learn to Be a Great Presenter

great presenter

You are a professional and you are growing every day. Don't let your career and your effectiveness as a professional be sabotaged by a fear of public speaking. Anyone can learn to be a great presenter and to enjoy the experience of speaking to groups. Contact us to begin the process of eliminating your fears.

Deliver Presentations with Impact, Influence, Humor and Enthusiasm

Like any other set of skills, effective presentation skills can be learned and mastered with practice. Our presentation skills training workshops and coaching programs are designed to give you the skills you need to deliver impactful presentations that influence people to action. Humor is a powerful presentation tool, and some are masterful in the way they use humor to enhance the effectiveness of their message. We will teach you the skill-set to blend humor, enthusiasm, emotion and power into your presentations.

If you are new at giving presentations, you have a lot of new skills to learn. If you are an old hand at presenting, you probably have a lot of behaviors to unlearn. In either case, we will provide you with new techniques and behaviors that will transform your presentations and dramatically increase your effectiveness as a speaker.

Learn to Connect with Your Audience

Great presentation

The effectiveness of your communication is measured by the response you get. The most effective presenters know how to connect with their audiences. They don't merely present information - they move their audiences. Clearly you should know and be able to communicate the information you are presenting. But good presenters know that your primary focus needs to be on your audience - not on yourself, your speech or your slides. This shift in focus is like flipping an internal switch in your brain. When you learn how to do it, your effectiveness as a speaker increases exponentially. We will teach you how to make the shift to audience-focused presenting, and you'll be amazed at the your audience's response.

bored audience

Stop Sabotaging Your Message (and Your Career)

Your message is important, but poor delivery detracts from that message. Instead of motivating people to action, your monotonous delivery can put your audience to sleep. You may not notice distracting habits you have, like pacing or saying "you know" over and over again, but your audience notices, and those habits can sabotage your message.

More importantly, your bad presentation habits can sabotage your career. If you're in sales, your lack of presentation skills can directly sabotage your income. But regardless of your profession, poor presentation skills will hinder your career development. Your presentations leave a lasting impression on people. You want that impression to be a good one. We will give you the presentation skills and techniques that will ensure that you make the right impression every time you present.

Becoming an influencer

Develop Your Personal Power and Increase Your Sphere of Influence

You may be a manager with the power to hire, fire and make decisions, but the most important power you can develop is your personal power. We define personal power as the power to influence the thinking and behavior of others, regardless of your level of formal authority. Effective presenters don't just present - they influence through their personal power. As your personal power increases, your sphere of influence will expand and your self-confidence will increase.

We are in the business of helping people develop their personal power. Our presentation skills workshops and coaching programs will certainly improve the quality and effectiveness of your presentations, but the effects go much deeper than that. Our programs are focused on developing you. Contact us today to find out how you can take your personal power, your influence and your career to the next level.

A Presentation Skills Training Workshop or a One-On-One Coaching Program

We don't do canned public seminars. We focus on your needs and deliver the program that will meet those needs. We can offer you a presentation skills training workshop that fits the needs of your group. We can also offer follow-up one-on-one coaching packages for each participant to hone individual presentation skills. If you would like focused attention, we can customize a one-on-one coaching program that will transform your presentation skills in the shortest possible time. All our training and coaching programs are developed and conducted personally by Roger Reece. You can read a book about improving your presentation skills, or you can learn the secrets of a pro. Let Roger help you with your personal transformation or the transformation of your team.

A Free Telephone Consultation

Contact us for a free telephone consultation with Roger Reece. Roger will work with you to establish clear, achievable goals and develop the right strategies for achieving them. After the call, you will receive a detailed outline of the customized presentation skills training and/or coaching program we recommend. Your presentation skills, your self-confidence and your career are too important to put on the back burner. Contact us today and get the process started.

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